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Best rpg miniatures – Top 10 Pick Reviewed for 2021

Bestseller No. 1
Mythical Heroes Mini Figure Set for RPGs - 93 Pcs in 16 Designs - Heroes and Monsters - Suitable Size for DND
  • A wide variety of classes ( fighters, wizards, rogues, paladins, clerics etc.) and races (humans, elves, dwarfs, tieflings etc.) for a complete party.
  • A great selection of monsters: orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, skeletons, zombies and rats for epic battles and mythical adventures.
  • 3 colors: green, grey and white to identify the characters easily even without them being painted
  • A total of 93 ideally-sized pieces containing: 6 pieces of all heroes and monsters+ 3 huge dragons for creating full campaigns.
  • Easy to paint for a fun personalization of your favorite characters. Just let your imagination run free! The sky the limit!
SaleBestseller No. 2
38 Miniatures Fantasy Tabletop RPG Figures for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder Roleplaying Games. 28MM Scaled Miniatures, 10 Unique Designs, Bulk Unpainted, Great for D&D/DND
  • 38 Pieces of Different Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Figures with 2 different colors (Dark Grey and Light Grey) for each design.
  • 10 Unique Designs: Great variety of figures to kickstart your epic campaign. Featuring Tiefling, Human, Elf, Gnome, Orc, Orge, Gargoyle, Hag, Kobold, and Goblin.
  • 28MM Scale: Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, D&D like Tabletop Role Playing Games
  • Bulk Unpainted: Ready to be Customized and painted.
Bestseller No. 3
15 Character & NPC Miniatures for DND 28mm I for D&D Miniatures & Dungeon and Dragons Minis DND Miniatures DND Figures for D and D Tabletop RPG | Campaign Setting
  • 🧙🏼‍♀️15 Unique Fantasy Miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons - No duplicates - Funded by 600+ Kickstarter Backers, these figurines for DND are crafted for your creative tabletop RPG.
  • 🌄Includes Game-Ready Campaign Setting (Digital PDF) - Time saving story-building – These figures for D and D miniatures include a digital campaign setting with game-ready adventures, custom illustrations.
  • ⚔️Diverse Cast of Characters for Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures - Great quality 28mm figures that rival big brand quality. Unpainted miniatures and hero Tabletop minitures that are easy to prime/paint.
  • 🏰Quality: If any minis arrive defective, we gladly replace them! Shipping small rpg miniatures figures and bulk miniatures can cause such things. Thanks!
  • 🍄All-Purpose Tabletop Miniatures for D&D - good as player-characters or NPC. Includes multi-races and genders for your D&D campaign. Great gift for dungeons and dragons miniatures painting.
Bestseller No. 4
ENHANCE RPG Adventurer's DND Bag - Dungeons and Dragons Accessories Bag with Tabletop Miniatures Vault, Mat Holder, DND Dice & Token Pockets, Fits 4-8 Books, DM's Guide, Player's Handbook (Black)
  • CARRY EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Room enough for your dragon's hoard of player or DM gear. From dice, minis, books, maps and snacks, the ENHANCE Adventurer's DnD Bag can carry it all
  • RPG BAG FOR YOUR PERSONAL ARCANE LIBRARY: Store 4-8 books, sheets, and reference material for your next session in the spacious main compartment complete with a padded divider for custom organization
  • SUMMON CHARACTERS FROM YOUR RPG BAG: An intuitive top compartment features a 16 section foam storage section for 28mm figures to represent your PC, NPC's, or the party's next set of foes
  • BATTLEMAP CARRYING LOOP: Bring the joy of an interactive and dynamic gaming experience to every session with a convenient loop designed to securely hold rolled up battlemaps and hex grids
  • QUICK ACCESS LOOT POUCHES: A front facing zippered pouch easily stores loose dice or pouches, pencils/pens, tokens, cards, small note pads and much more | 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Bestseller No. 5
40 Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures. 28MM Scaled 10 Unique Designs, Bulk Unpainted Miniatures, Great for D&D Miniatures
  • 🎨 Exceptional quality, highly detailed minis.Ready to be customized and painted for your Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Perfect addition to any tabletop RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder etc.
  • 🪔 10 unique designs. True 28mm scale, and great to use along with 1 inch grid battle mats.
  • ⚔️ 40 Pieces of Different Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Figurines with 2 different colors (Dark Grey and Light Grey) for each design. Great starter set to use as D&D figures, NPC Miniatures or player character D&D mini
  • 🎓 Whether you are using this play set as D&D figurines to enhance your Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Or using the play set for other imaginative games, this play set will sure encourage the creativity within you.
  • 💎 Quality guaranteed, if by any chance the minis were defective, we will replace them free of charge.
Bestseller No. 6
Frontline Gaming Neoprene Gaming Mat with Ocean Map Print, Battle Mat for RPG Miniatures 6x3'
  • WARGAMING MATS: Our high-resolution mats will take your gaming journeys to a new level. The high-quality ink ensures the world is crisp and clear, so nothing interrupts your gaming experience. Our mats come in dozens of styles. With these mats, your game can take you anywhere. This will take you on a journey through an underwater lair.
  • CHOOSE YOUR MATERIAL: Each of our mats is available in neoprene and vinyl variants. Regardless of which you choose to take on your adventures, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a quality mat that will take your game to the next level. Our neoprene mats are a heavy-duty option for serious gamers. Protect falling game pieces and dice with these cushioned, mousepad-material mats.
  • USED BY THE PROS: These mats are made for serious gamers. Our gaming tools are used by professional gamers in tournaments across the country. Hone your skills using one of our mats, and you’ll be sure to join the greats. Whether your team is venturing through an ocean lair or planning a hunting party through exotic grasslands, we have a terrain mat for you.
  • MADE BY GAMERS, FOR GAMERS: When you buy game accessories from Frontline Gaming, you know that you’re getting a quality product made and tested by gamers at Frontline Gaming HQ, not overseas. We’ve been there, and we care about your gaming experience. We love gaming just as much as you do, and we want to make sure that you get the most out of every campaign.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Store and transfer your mat in a nylon carry bag that will keep your mat safe on all your quests. The bag has a zipper to make sure your playmat stays extra secure. Each mat also includes a full color aluminum identification tag to help you customize and claim your mat. No matter where you have your next campaign, make sure you don't forget your Frontline Gaming mat!
Bestseller No. 7
JollyBard 36 Piece RPG Tabletop Miniatures Figurines - 6 Set Monster Fantasy Miniature Compatible with Pathfinder 2e Dungeons and Dragons DnD - Miniatures Bulk Unpainted Durable Small Figurines
  • Premium Quality - Injection molded and highly detailed, our miniature monsters and miniature people figurines are created to last through several campaigns and stories you choose to use them in. With sturdy bases and bodies these miniatures unpainted or not will give even the toughest villains or heroes a run for their money
  • Unique Designs - Our original design paintable figurines set comes with 6 unique copies of 6 different characters. Fuel your fantasy campaigns with 6 goblin miniatures, 6 undead / skeleton miniatures, 6 wizard miniatures, 6 imp / demon miniatures, 6 orge / giant miniatures, and 6 gnoll / fighter miniatures
  • Personal Customization - Let your imagination bring your small figurines to life with miniature painting on our highly detailed unpainted pieces. Whether your tabletop rpg monster figures are fighting against heroes or even becoming heroes themselves, our figures are made to paint taking acrylic and other paints well
  • Safe Secure Packaging - We pride ourselves on ensuring the quality of your rpg accessories are in pristine condition when recieving your 36 piece set, so we take extra care in our piece packaging. Each of your durable plastic minis are individually secured in a custom piece mold to prevent warping and damage leaving you with the best play experience possible
  • JollyBard Guarantee - At JollyBard we stand by our products and offer a 60 day no questions asked warranty. If you experience any issues with your JollyBard product and you will receive a full refund. Simply contact JollyBard directly through the Amazon messaging system and we will be happy to assist you with any questions, issues or difficulties you encounter. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at JollyBard
Bestseller No. 8
TowerRex The Village D&D Miniatures Wooden Laser Cut Fantasy Terrain 28mm Scale for Dungeons & Dragons Pathfinder Other Tabletop RPG…
  • ✅ Enhance Your Game. Make the next DnD, Pathfinder, or AoS session a blast. It is always better to play with the terrain and give your fantasy even more place to play.
  • ✅ Incredible Detail. Intricate details bring the phantasy to your table and give place for small role-playing moments on the spot.
  • ✅ Bring Your Hobby To The Next Level. Our sets of terrain can be used as a base for your imagination and are easily modified. HDF is easy in any type of small works, which makes each piece a small masterpiece.
  • ✅ Compatible With Any Other Terrain. Combine Big House with our building set and create your hamlet, town, or even a dungeon.
  • ✅ Paint Will Make It Shine Even More. What is better than a piece of terrain on your table? A painted piece of terrain. The HDF is compatible with all the classic acrylic paints used in the hobby.
Bestseller No. 9
26 Animal Minis for DND Miniatures 28mm Unpainted Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures I for D&D Miniatures & DND Minis Fantasy RPG | for DND Figures & Tabletop Miniatures | Campaign Setting
  • 👩🏽‍🎨 Entertaining, Highly-detailed Paintable Minis for DnD - 13 unique animal miniatures for DND - unprimed (no need to prime) 28mm miniatures in hard plastic for all tabletop fantasy RPG games (DnD, Pathfinder, etc.). Funded by 600+ backers on Kickstarter
  • 🍄Miniatures for D&D that Live-up to The Creativity of Your Games - versatile figurines for D&D can be used as player-characters or NPC. Includes multi-races and genders for your D&D campaign. Great gift for miniature painting.
  • 🏰Quality: If any minis arrive deformed/broken, we gladly replace them! Shipping these kinds of small rpg miniature figurines and bulk miniatures can cause such things. Thanks for understanding!
  • 🌄Includes Game-Ready Campaign Setting (Digital PDF) - Time saving story-building – These figures for DND include a digital campaign setting with game-ready adventures, custom illustrations.
  • 🧙🏼‍♀️Diverse Cast of Characters for Dungeons and Dragons - Great quality 28mm figures that rival big brand quality. Unpainted miniatures and Tabletop miniatures for dnd that are easy to prime/paint.

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Type Of Operation

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You Can Adjust The Coarseness

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Availability Of Capacities

What is your preferred number of rpg miniaturess at a time? In spite of being less crucial than some of the others, capacity is still extremely important.

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